Our Values

At Tombolo Academy, we are committed to sustaining a positive environment in which all students and adults can flourish in an inclusive setting where all members of the community feel safe and valued.

We bring these values to life through:  


  • Respect ourselves 
  • Respect each other 
  • Respect our community and the world around us. 
  • Value and support diversity


  • Remain humble despite our personal achievements, strengths, and differences
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Make informed choices and are considerate of others, and our community 
  • Grow with dignity and integrity. 


  • Are brave when faced with challenges 
  • Positively adapt to change in a variety of contexts
  • Show commitment, and apply ourselves until the end
  • Build confidence to solve problems and connect failure to learning.


  • Find the joy in learning 
  • Have a sense of adventure and are willing to try new things
  • Develop an awareness of our place within the global community 
  • Develop a sense of interest and wonder 


  • Work with others to achieve success 
  • Foster strong partnerships between students, teachers, and others in our community
  • Acknowledge that by working together in a positive and constructive manner enables us to achieve collective outcomes.
  • Take collective responsibility for the success and wellbeing of all learning in our community.


  • Treat others with care and compassion 
  • Consider the feelings of others before we act or react
  • Understand and appreciate the cultural diversity of our community 
  • Develop an awareness of how we might impact the feelings of others